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» Welcome to Chadeco Group Company Limited Website.

Welcome to Chadeco Group Company Limited , and thank you for your interest in our company. Our company enjoys an exceptional reputation that results from the dedication and hard work of our innovative employees and our incomparable products, services and investment opportunities.

In Ghana, there are several companies operating in the same business environment as Chadeco, but we dare to be different. We are highly experienced, well motivated and dedicated to our products, services and core values. Our success is based on doing things better and different than our competitors.

At Chadeco, our commitment is founded on a unique interest in wealth creation through worthwhile and prudent investment activities within selected industries with exceptional growth potential in Ghana and across the world. We take pride in our cutting-edge product lines and services, and have dedicated substantial resources to developing new and better ways to enhance individual and corporate high earning investment experience.

Chadeco provides the best quality and value because we are guided by the belief that “good enough is never good enough”. We know that our success comes only by aligning and taking into consideration the interests of our shareholders, employees and customers. Our products are reasonably priced and we provide exceptional services to our customers. We strive to make CHADECO the preferred place to invest and work, and we build shareholder value by treating and handling the company’s resources as though they were our own.

Our website provides a wealth of information about our products, services and investment opportunities. I hope you will enjoy your time spent here. We look forward to establishing a long standing, fruitful and cordial relationship with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us on anything pertaining to our business.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management, I would like to thank all our stakeholders; customers, employees and shareholders for their loyalty and unflinching support. Sincerely,

We would like to thank you for showing keen interest in our company.

Prince Charles Dedjoe
Group Executive President

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