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Welcome to Chadeco Group Company Limited website. The website contains detailed information about the company's profile as well as the bunch of subsidiaries that constitute the group. Investors, interested in investing in any of the subsidiaries as well as wishing to enter into Joint Venture Agreements in any of the subsidiaries will be encouraged to do so.

It is our fervent hope that you will spend and spare some of your precious time to know more about the company; its numerous businesses and great potentials in the upstream and downstream sectors of the Oil & Gas Industry, Precious Minerals mining as well as Equipment Hiring/Leasing and Haulage in Ghana. Enjoy your time on our website

Government’s oil-revenue target is unlikely to be achieved – Imani Ghana

Policy think tank, Imani Ghana has cast doubts over government’s oil revenue target for the year following what it says is the continuous fall in oil production from the Jubilee field since last year. 

Government in this year’s budget projected to generate 650 million dollars from the oil production. Figures from January to June indicate, the country grossed nearly 230 million dollars. 

Ghana: Petroleum committee tours Jubilee oil fields

Members of the Petroleum Security Co-ordinating Committee (PSCC) has toured the Jubilee Oil Field off Cape Three Points in the Western Region to familiarise themselves with security operations in the field. The visit enabled the committee to have first hand information and knowledge about the logistical and security challenges related to the production of oil in the country.

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Welcome to Chadeco Group Company Limited , and thank you for your interest in our company. Our company enjoys an exceptional reputation that results from the dedication and hard work of our employees and our incomparable products, services and investment opportunities.

In Ghana, there are several companies in similar lines of businesses as Chadeco, but we dare to be different. We're highly experienced, motivated and dedicated to our products, services and core values.

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